Bookdog 5.3.21

The World's premier bookmark shepherd

Computers know their A-B-Cs and how to keep up to date. For example, you can throw files into a folder, hit "View as List" and the Macintosh Finder will display them in alphabetical order.

Is there an update to the Mac OS? Apple's Software Update can download it automatically. But someone forgot these tricks when web browsers were developed, and today most web browsers do not do any automatic sorting (alphabetizing) or other maintenance of your bookmarks.

Bookdog, the successor of the popular SafariSorter application, knows these tricks so that organized people like you will no longer have to spend time alphabetizing and maintaining your bookmarks manually.

But Bookdog does this and more, with your Camino and Firefox bookmarks too.

After you install Bookdog, you spend a few minutes adjusting how you want your bookmarks sorted, click Sort and within seconds your bookmarks are all in order!

Click Analyze to find duplicates and then Fix them. Open the Preferences, activate Bookwatchdog, and your bookmarks be re-sorted after you make changes.

Automatically. Do you seem to have alot of bookmarks that don't work anymore? Tell Bookdog to Verify. He'll go to all your websites, fetch their data, present a report, give you some options on how he can automatically fix bookmarks that have been "redirected", and finally present a handy tool which allows you to quickly review and fix the remainder.

When you tell him to Migrate your bookmarks between browsers (Safari, Camino, Firefox, Opera and OmniWeb) he finds the right folder and, if you want him to, avoids creating duplicates.

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Bookdog 5.3.21